Welcome Agrokordi Trans L.L.C

The history of our company is strongly connected with activities of producers in south Wielkopolska region. We can boast of great traditions in the field of gardening and horticulture. Many years of experience and collaboration resulted in the creation in 2008  Agrokordi Limited Liability Company. Dynamic development and satisfaction of our customers meant that we have become a recognized and stable brand in the fruit and vegetable producers in Poland. The consequence was a separation of the group Agrokordi Limited Liability Company a  Agrokordi Trans, which deal with transports. This allows us today comprehensively serve our customers both in terms of production of fruit and vegetables as well as the provision of transport services as a carrier for other entities.


Agrokorditrans Sp. z o.o.

Dębe 47 B, 62-817 Żelazków

tel. +48 502 894 329

fax: 62 757 39 01

e-mail: dominika.jozefowska@agrokorditrans.com




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